Creek Side F.A.Q.’s

What is Aquaponics

A soil-less farming technique that converts waste produced by fish to supply micronutrients to plants growing above the water on rafts. The plants absorb the abundant nutrients from the water, creating a symbiotic relationship that allows the growth of fresh produce from converted fish waste.

For more about the process we use at Creek Side, click here.

What does Creek Side Aquaponics grow?

Well, right now, we’ve got fresh fish and a variety of lettuces. But, we’re looking at expanding our selection to include a bit more variety. Whether you’re hoping for aquaponic kale or crispy cucumbers, perfectly juicy tomatoes all year round, or a variety of aromatic herbs for a little extra something, we’ll happily welcome your feedback.

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How do I buy from you?

There’s two ways to buy from Creek Side Aquaponics.

Buy in Bulk
We’re looking for community partners to sign up for wholesale accounts. Your account will allow you to place purchase orders with Creek Side, helping you keep a steady stream of fresh food on hand. Perfect for local, sustainable chefs, day care or senior centers, schools, non-profits and more.

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Individual Membership
Become a Creek Side member. You’ll gain access to our members-only storefront, where you can buy a variety of fresh lettuce and tilapia year round. Membership is FREE and includes our Creek SideAquaponics e-Newsletter. You can also sign up for a plant tour. Tours are $10 per person and include a premium quality head of Fancy Lettuce for you to share with friends and family.


In addition to our commitment to aquaponics, we’re gearing up to dig into our 15-acre farm with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). But we only deliver what you demand, so we’re collecting a list of people interested in our Spring 2018 launch, and with enough community interest, we’ll make it happen!

The CSA will largely be shaped by the community, and won’t happen without your support. We’re collecting a list of names to gauge interest in the program, as well as get a sense of what you would like to what you’d like to see in your weekly share of fresh produce.

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