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In addition to our lettuce and fish, we’re looking to add more variety to our roster of aquaponics crops – whether that’s fruit, veggies, or an aromatic selection of herbs is up to you. Whether you’re an individual member of our aquaponics crop share, or a local business looking to buy in bulk — we want to meet your needs with our local resources. Your feedback is very important to our growing company, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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What should Creek Side Grow?

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Coming Soon (in Spring 2019) — Creek Side CSA

Creek Side Aquaponics

In addition to our commitment to aquaponics, we’re gearing up to start farming our 15-acre farm out back with support from our community. Whether we launch a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) depends on you. We’re collecting a list of people interested in our Spring 2019 launch, and with enough community interest we’ll make it happen!

Our CSA program will bring a variety of sustainable local produce to into your home each week. From our fields to your kitchen, a CSA is the perfect way to new fruits and vegetables at their very freshest. Plus, we know you’ll want some sides to go along with that tilapia and lettuce, right?

So, are you interested in our CSA? Let us know below.

Yes, I’m interested in the CSA!

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